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You'll work in the city of Naples in one of the smaller Marine Protected Area of Europe, an historical area with an archeological site with romans ruins in the borders.

The Gaiola Underwater Park is an area of great interest, archaeologically and naturally because it juxtaposes ancient remains and biological colonies of animal and plant life flourishing in and around structures that have stood here since roman times. There are many remains of an ancient roman villa that lie underwater because of bradyseism, a geological phenomenon. It causes the lowering and the rising of the earth and of the sea level. We can assert that the coast line has been lowered of 3 – 4 meters since roman times. For this reason in this area it is possible to observe the remains of a roman harbour and of the roman moray eels ponds in addition to many others ancient structures.



The Project St.A.M.M. (Stazione Ambientale di Monitoraggio Marino) aims to realize on the islands of Gaiola a marine-coastal monitoring station, conduct researches and controls of the environmental crimes. Volunteers will be involved in the process, to requalificate the area and to preserve the environment.
The project of CSI Gaiola Onlus is in partnership with Soprintendenza Archeologica, Belle Arti e Paesaggio per il Comune di Napoli; Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II; Capitaneria di Porto di Napoli; International Napoli Network.



Volunteers on the project have the opportunity to help preserve the protected marine area and the archaeological site.
We have a variety of activities that volunteers may work with: environmental preservation and awareness, outreaches and research, requalification and maintenance of the area (i.e. cleaning, gardening, carpentry, etc). Volunteer tasks will vary depending on their background. Volunteers can expect a long day of physically rewarding work, requiring high energy levels.

Your work schedule depends on the current workload and the weather and will be discussed weekly with the volunteer supervisor.



You must be at least 18 years old and be able to swim, similar experiences or studies are a plus. The project is suitable for those who are motivated, proactive and willing to acquire work experience. A health declaration is required.
You must participate on the project for a minimum duration of 15 days.


- Insurance
- Meal tickets

- Accomodation
- certificate of attendance

To apply please fill the form.

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